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Review: Longbourn

LongbournTitle: Longbourn

Author: Jo Baker

Publisher: Knopf

Release: 2013

Summary: Running concurrent with Pride and PrejudiceLongbourn takes a bit of a different look at the Bennet family.  While Jane and Lizzy and the other Bennets make appearances, the primary focus on the book is below stairs, on the lives of the servants. Following Mr. and Mrs. Hill, Sarah, and Polly as well as the new footman James Smith, Baker tells the story that was happening in the kitchen as the events of Pride and Prejudice occur above stairs.

Review: Although it took me a bit to really get into this book, in the end, I really enjoyed it.  I love a good Pride and Prejudice spin-off, so this was right up my alley, and since I’ve read a fair number of these books, I was surprised to find one that is so creative and different from other books. I especially enjoyed the story of Sarah who, through the book, grew up and discovered what the world is made of and found the strength to deal with it all. While Baker’s portrayal of some characters in the book fit perfectly with Austen’s, others left a bit to be desired, and for much of the book, I found myself missing the connection to those characters.  Overall, a good book, but not the best spin-off I’ve read.

Rating: 3 stars


Another spectacular story….

Wow! I think I may have found a new favorite author. I’ve now read two of Charles Martin’s books (When Crickets Cry and Chasing Fireflies), and both of these books are outstanding!

Chasing Fireflies is a book about a journalist who begins to cover a story about an abandoned boy who was abused. As Chase works to discover who this boy is and where this boy comes from, his own past Continue reading Another spectacular story….

Seriously, get reading!

Well, I had, and still do, plan to be better about writing this year, yet this is my first blog for 2008. I really will get into the groove of things, I promise. I have been reading, in the meantime, and have finished a few books. Below are reviews for two of them. I’m still not to the point where I’m blogging for each, but maybe someday. For today, Seduction of the Crimson Rose and When Crickets Cry–both worthy reads.

Continue reading Seriously, get reading!

It’s been awhile….

So, when I started this, my goal was to write something about once a week, and then, life happened. :-) I’m sure you all know what that’s like. The good news is I have still been getting some reading done. In fact, one of my goals this year is to have more balance in my life and do things like leave school by 3 at least twice a week. :-) Anyone want to take bets on how long that lasts? :-) Anyway, I’m going to do a brief review of some of the books I’ve recently finished: The World is Flat and Thursday Next: First Among Sequels. Continue reading It’s been awhile….

Really the end?

So, I finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows last night at midnight and then got up at 6 to be ready to teach summer school. Was it worth it? OF COURSE! This last Harry Potter book has officially become my favorite! Unlike most books and movies that are so hyped up and looked forward to (the series finale of Alias, for example), Rowling delivered! Other than a few minor issues like Continue reading Really the end?