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The next month marks the qualifying season for speech and debate which means craziness in my world.  However, since I turn 40 this year, I’ve decided to celebrate each month as I work up to that really big number that still REALLY doesn’t seem real. So, I’ve been working like mad, and it’s been a crazy night, but tonight I enjoyed some take-out, some Big Bang, some Merlin, and am burning some CDs for a new book to listen to starting tomorrow.  It may not seem like much, but after my last couple of weeks, it’s heavenly.  So, as long as I’m avoiding work guilt-free, I thought I’d also catch-up a bit on here, especially since I ended up finishing two books yesterday, so an update:

What I just finished: Daughter of Smoke and Bone–as I started this, I wasn’t sure, but in the end, I like it.  I liked the characters, the meshing of various elements that I haven’t seen work together before, the classic underpinings (some strong connections to Romeo and Juliet).   Definitely will be checking out the next book.

What I just finished: The Red Pyramid–Based around Egyptian mythology, this is pretty standard for Riordan.  I like his stuff, and I liked this, not as much as his Greek stuff, but I liked it.  I’m reading it with one of my tutoring kids, and we had some great discussion about character growth and theme which was really good.  I’ll be starting The Throne of Fire tomorrow.

What I’m reading: The Hobbit–also reading with one of my tutoring kids.  I haven’t read it for years, so I’m glad to be re-reading it before the movies.  Love Tolkien!

What I’m reading: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children–I’ll definitely give it interesting, but I’m having a hard time reading it at night as it is a little creepy.  We’ll see as I go how it ends up.

What I’m reading: The Brothers Karamazov–This has been on my reading list for many years; one of my tutoring kids decided this was the next book we should read.  It’s a little tough to get into, and it’s very dense, but I’m liking it, especially now that we are getting into it and the characters.

What I’m reading: One Thousand Gifts–my mom discovered this book a few months ago and has been handing out copies like crazy, so she, of course, gave one to her bookish daughter.  I started it a bit ago–it’s very poetic and pretty heavy, so I’ve a feeling it will take some time to work through, but what she has to say is good and good for me to hear.

What I’m reading: The Awakening–I started this with a tutoring kid and then forgot to finish it, so I’m hoping to get back to it to finish it soon.

I’m feeling like I need to finish some of these as I’ve got a little much going on right now, but at least they are all good! :-)  Happy Reading!

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  1. I saw that the Daughter of Smoke and Bone and the Red Pyramid are what you were reading at the time of you writing this blog. I can’t say how much I love the first book because it’s been so long since I read it (and I have the second one to read so I’m going to have to read the first one again!) and with the Red Pyramid, I never finished that series. I’ve been too busy with other books but I will finish it one day when I buy the Serpent’s Shadow to complete the trilogy. I have read the Red Pyramid and got half way through the Throne of Fire but got distracted by other shiny and beautifully written books. I plan on reading Days of Blood and Starlight very soon so that I will be able to read the third book that will be coming out quite soon and I want to be ready!!

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