Another spectacular story….

Wow! I think I may have found a new favorite author. I’ve now read two of Charles Martin’s books (When Crickets Cry and Chasing Fireflies), and both of these books are outstanding!

Chasing Fireflies is a book about a journalist who begins to cover a story about an abandoned boy who was abused. As Chase works to discover who this boy is and where this boy comes from, his own past again surfaces, and Chase is reminded what it was to be that foster kid waiting for his dad to come down the drive to take him “home.”

Martin again beautifully unfolds a story that is real and lovely and heart wrenching and redeeming all at the same time. Each of these characters is so real: at moments, you want to reach out and hug Chase for all that he’s been through, and at other times, you want to reach out and slap him for being such an idiot! Throw Tommye, niece of Chase’s foster father, into the mix and your heart about breaks as you hear her story and watch her deal with the natural consequences of the choices she’s made in her life. The story is lovely as it tangibly illustrates the healing and redemption that so many desperately need.

The writing itself is beautiful as well as Martin uses words and structure to draw the reader into the story, making the voice of each character come to life in unique ways.

Recommendation: READ IT!!!!

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  1. Great review! I definitely would like to read this one. I read When Crickets Cry last year and was quite taken by the author’s writing and his powerful story. Thanks for the recommendation.

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