Meanwhile back at the ranch….

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve done anything blog related: no reading blogs, no writing blogs, nothing. In my defense, I have a good reason: I am a High School Forensics, Speech, and Debate coach. So, I’ve been crazy first hosting our State Qualifying meet, then running our National Qualifying Congress meet, then trying to catch up on grading as grades are due this week, to getting our team ready for State this weekend where I will get all the paperwork and registrations to set up and run our National Qualifying Events meet. So tonight, I decided I’d take an evening off from grading (I won’t be at school tomorrow as I’ll be helping to schedule rounds for our State tournament). Anyway, all that to say, I thought I’d check in and say hi, so “HI.” :-) I have read a bit during this time; at least, I’ve been listening to books. I finished Wrapped in Rain by Charles Martin (will write a review, but suffice it to say, it’s GREAT!) as well as Full Tilt by Janet Evanovich. I’m also finishing up The Sweet Far Thing by Libba Bray which is the third in a teen fiction series set in Victorian England; it’s good. Stay tuned for some reviews on those.

On another note, I’ve been thinking lately how blessed I am to be so surrounded by readers. I am an English Teacher (my real job), so it’s kind of a job hazard, but even outside of that, I have many people in my life who love books and know books. Specifically, I’ve been thinking about my family. My Grandfather, at 91 years old, still loves to read, especially about the battles he fought in during WWII. His daughter/my mother really started my love for reading by gathering us in the living room each night and reading a chapter or two of a novel to us; btw, she was an English teacher too. :-) Then my big brother who is a computer programmer who is more widely read than just about anyone I know. He recently read Greenspan’s book in the midst of working through the Harry Potter books. This fall, I had a student who wanted a recommendation for some good British Fantasy. Who did I call? My big brother who has read almost all the fantasy out there. Then there is my little brother. While his reading tends to be more focused right now (he’s finishing his dissertation), he’s always got good recommendations. In fact, after I finished my MA and got serious about my reading lists again, he was my first call for what authors I should check out.

Yep, I’m very blessed. I can’t imagine a Christmas that didn’t involve books or a birthday that didn’t involve an gift certificate. I’m so fortunate, and this is just my family, not even my friends who love to read! I look at my students, so few of whom really love to read, and it just makes me sad.

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