Finally, Spring Break

My reading goals for this year are to 1. structure my reading more through the Reading Challenges, and 2. be better about blogging about my reading.  While I’ve still got room to improve, I think I’m getting better at both: I’ve been good about logging what books I’ve read, and so far each has fit into a challenge AND I semi-blogged in January which is already better than last year. :-)

Today, I find myself sitting in an adorable house in New Mexico.  I’ve brought no papers to grade, no planning to do; I’ve only brought books to read, and it’s wonderful!  I just finished Vanity and Vexation by Kate Fenton–a cute modern day adaptation of Pride and Prejudice.  While it took me more than half the book to decide if I really liked it, I, ultimately, came around in the end.  Now, I’m off to start The Help by Kathryn Stockett which my mother recommended.

I’ll do more blogging before my reading time in Santa Fe is over, but for now let me say that everyone should get to do a reading vacation at least once a year.  This is my first, and I’m pretty sure I’ll need another one next week.

2 thoughts on “Finally, Spring Break”

  1. A reading vacation is a wonderful idea! I hope you have a completely wonderful time and really enjoy your reading and relaxing. Great to have you in the Once Upon a Time Challenge this year.

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