Weekly Geeks: Libraries

What’s your earliest memory of a library? What was it like for you? Were you more likely to hang out in the gym or the library when you were in school?

How’s the health of the library system in your community? How do you support your local library? How often do you check out books from the library vs. buying books? Tell us what your favorite library is like and include some photos if you can.

When I was a little girl, my mom was the head librarian at our small town library.  While my older brother would go off to school, I would go to the library and play under my mother’s desk or in the stacks, or at the amazing tables that were just my size. I also loved “helping” which involved me being more in the way, I’m sure, but mom and the other librarians always let me feel like I was part of things.

As I grew up, mom quit working, but the library was still a huge part of my life.  I would jump on my bike and wander through the stacks looking for books that looked interesting and then fill my bike basket full of books that I would read and exchange in under a week.  When we came to Colorado to visit family on the farm, we would go to the bookmobile and check out a big box of books to keep us busy when we weren’t helping move pipe or feed the calves.  In high school, I still loved the library and would wander the stacks (this time the adult fiction) looking for books to transport me to new worlds, but it also became a place where I could sit for hours and find all I needed to become an “expert” to write that dratted research paper.

After college, I started buying more and more books rather than frequenting the library.  However, in the last few years, I’ve returned to the joy of libraries.  While I don’t have the time to browse through the stacks as I once did, I do almost always have something checked out from the library and have, for the last few years, been an active part of my library’s adult reading program.

I am so grateful for libraries and the education and entertainment they offer for so little, and each time I read a book from the library, I can’t help but think about the stories and circumstances of the other readings of the book.

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  1. I LOVE the library. I got a library card the same year I got a bike, so I was probably around 10. My dad put a basket on the front, so I could ride my bike to the library.

    My husband is a fast reader and I’m a slow reader. We hit the library about once every 3 weeks. He gets 5 to 8 books and I get 2. We spent the past 3 years going to a small city library. We moved to a more suburban area and now use the county library.

    For a couple of years I worked at Barnes and Noble. I got a decent employee discount and didn’t use the library as much. Now I only purchase a book if I am desperate to read it and can’t wait to get it at the library. I pass on my purchased books to my Mom or I donate them to the library. I also donate my magazines after I read them. The city library stacks magazine donations on a table and sells them for 25 cents. They put the magazine money into their fund to purchase new books.

    The library is one of the things in my life that makes me feel really grateful.

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